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As a leading gastroenterology practice, Triborough GI offers top-notch colonoscopy services.

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Welcome to Triborough GI, your trusted gastroenterology specialists! 

At Triborough GI, our specialists support the overall health and well-being of our neighbors from across greater New York City. With four locations across Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island, access to our seven board-certified gastroenterologists is within reach. Our doctors also boast additional expertise as hepatologists and obesity medicine specialists. 

The considerable expertise of our professionals is complemented by sophisticated technologies. Together, these capabilities allow us to provide the latest treatments and services. Our specialists prioritize therapies that are precise and are associated with minimal risks or complications and have predictable healing processes. 

We specialize in preventing, detecting, treating, and managing various conditions that affect the digestive system. Our team is trained to accurately diagnose and effectively treat issues such as irritable bowel system (IBS), celiac disease, hemorrhoids, Hepatitis C, peptic ulcers, colon cancers, gastritis, GERD, heartburn, H. Pylori bacteria, rectal bleeding, and other problems related to the GI tract and biliary system (liver, gallbladder).

The organs and systems affected by these conditions play vital roles in basic functions – from how nutrients in our food are absorbed to how waste is removed from the body. By restoring healthy function, we get you back to leading your fullest life. This process starts with early detection. Our range of services on this front include:

These diagnostic tools are multi-functional; we can use the likes of an endoscope to take tissue samples (biopsies) and perform procedures like removing polyps, and masses and relieving blockages. We use all our available tools to come up with a comprehensive, individualized, treatment plan.

Additionally, our specialists provide guidance on weight management, nutrition, and lifestyle interventions. Depending on your needs, these recommendations can be central in treating symptoms and conditions, preparing you for a successful procedure, and ensuring a healthy recovery. 

The pathway to better health is through your gut. We welcome your questions and encourage you to bring your concerns to our specialists, at Triborough GI. With four locations across metro NY, one of our gastroenterologists is sure to be close by. If you need to get in touch with a member of our team, you can call us at the following numbers: (718) 795-2734 for Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, (718) 710-4906 for Staten Island, (718) 360-1632 for the Bronx, and (718) 865-3960 for Bushwick, Brooklyn. Alternatively, you can click the “Make An Appointment” button on this website to schedule an appointment with us. We’ll be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Our Services & Procedures

Meet Our Team

Igor Grosman, DO, FASG

Igor Grosman, DO, FASG

Gastroenterologist & Obesity Medicine Specialist

Igor Grosman, DO, FASG, is board-certified in both gastroenterology and obesity medicine, serving patients at Triborough GI in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island, New York.

Alexander Brun, MD

Alexander Brun, MD

Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist

Alexander Brun, MD, is a board-certified specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology. He serves the communities of Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx, New York, at Triborough GI.

Prateek Chapalamadugu, MD

Prateek Chapalamadugu, MD

Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist

Prateek Chapalamadugu, MD, is a board-certified gastroenterologist at Triborough GI serving the communities of Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island, New York.

Nancy Chen, MD

Nancy Chen, MD

Gastroenterologist, Obesity Medicine & Hepatologist

Nancy Chen, MD, is a board-certified gastroenterologist and internist at Triborough GI, a gastroenterology clinic with locations in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island, New York.

Dr. Ilona Rabinovich

Ilona Rabinovich

ANCC Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Ilona Rabinovich is an ANCC board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). She is dedicated and compassionate with a strong commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare to all.

Dr. Peysin

Konstantin Peysin, DO

Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist

A board-certified gastroenterologist, Dr. Konstantin Peysin currently practicing at Triborough GI, located in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island, NY

Dr. Yevgeniy

Yevgeniy Mikityanskiy, DO

Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist

Yevgeniy (Eugene) Mikityanskiy, DO is board-certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology. He serves the communities of Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx, New York, at Triborough GI

Dr. Dmitriy O. Khodorskiy, M.D.

Dmitriy O. Khodorskiy, M.D.

Gastroenterologist, Obesity Medicine, Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy & Hepatologist

Dmitriy O. Khodorskiy, M.D. is board-certified in Gastroenterology, Obesity Medicine, and Internal Medicine. Dr. Khodorskiy is a published author and book writer, he is actively involved in clinical research, published in peer-reviewed journals, and presented at both national and international meetings.


Sean Burnett

NCCPA Board Certified Physician Assistant

Sean Burnett is a dedicated Physician Assistant with an extensive 20-year tenure in the healthcare field as a PA-C. For over 14 years, Sean has been a pivotal member of the gastroenterology team at Arya Gastroenterology, now recognized as Triborough GI Gastroenterology.

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