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Stopping the pain and itch of hemorrhoids at the source with band ligation or infrared coagulation

Hemorrhoids affect many adults. These swollen or inflamed rectal and anal veins can vary considerably in their symptoms, including itching, bleeding or pain. At Triborough GI, our team of seven board-certified gastroenterologists is uniquely qualified and equipped to tailor treatments to the specific needs of our patients in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Bushwick, and Staten Island, New York. 

We can also advise on ways to prevent these growths from developing in the first place and to support proactive measures to stop their recurrence. 

Hemorrhoid ligation + Infrared Coagulation Therapy (and more!)

Generally, treatment for hemorrhoids includes lifestyle, topical therapies and office-based procedures. Hemorrhoids that are asymptomatic may not require treatment. Treatments for symptomatic small hemorrhoids include higher fiber and water intake along with bathing techniques to ease symptoms. We may also recommend topical creams or suppositories consisting of steroids and analgesics to decrease active inflammation in the hemorrhoids. 

“Non-operative” or in-office procedures to remove symptomatic hemorrhoids include rubber band ligation and infrared coagulation. These therapies are both generally well-tolerated, can be repeated whenever needed, and are low-risk – with rare and typically minor complications. Treatment recommendations are primarily based on factors such as your overall health and the severity/nature/number of hemorrhoids that are present. 

Additionally, both ligation and infrared coagulation may be appropriate for first- to third-degree hemorrhoids, with the latter two types referring to those that bulge from the anus but retract on their own following bowel movements and those that must be pushed back inside manually, respectively. We may recommend such therapies for those hemorrhoids that have not responded to more conservative measures, like the dietary and hygiene suggestions mentioned here. 

What to expect

Rubber band ligation generally involves the placement of a band around the base of the hemorrhoid. This process disrupts blood flow to the hemorrhoid, which causes it to wither away safely in just a few days. We can “ligate” or treat more than one hemorrhoid at a time, but treatment may include more than one session. There is a chance for minor pain at the site, typically controlled by over the counter anti-inflammatory medications, such as NSAIDs. 

Infrared coagulation involves introducing a special probe to the affected area of protruding tissue. This infrared instrument generates controlled heat, which triggers a process of blood coagulation and, later, tissue death within the hemorrhoid cushions. As with band ligation, this procedure is well-tolerated and effective. 

We look forward to discussing ways to ease the pain, itching, and other symptoms of hemorrhoids with you. Call [ex_phone2] to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at Triborough GI in Brooklyn, NY. Or, for your convenience, you may make an appointment at one of our three other locations: in the Bronx, Bushwick, or Staten Island and you can reach us at [ex_phone3] for Staten Island, [ex_phone4] for the Bronx, and [ex_phone] for Bushwick.

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