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Capsule endoscopy: Diagnosing a myriad of small bowel conditions starts with a high-tech “pill” 

Capsule endoscopy presents an easy, innovative, and well-tolerated way for one of our seven board-certified gastroenterologists at Triborough GI to detect a range of conditions affecting the small bowel. A capsule endoscopy may be necessary if an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy have not revealed the source of the problem or if the small bowel needs to be evaluated directly for other reasons. It can diagnose causes of occult or “hidden” bleeding as well as other conditions including cancers, polyps, celiac disease and Crohn’s disease. 

Patients at one of our four New York City area locations in Brooklyn, Bushwick, the Bronx, and Staten Island appreciate that this screening service simply involves taking a special, pill-like capsule. This unique capsule houses a small camera. Unlike other types of endoscopy or endoscopes, this approach does not use a flexible and thin tube to introduce a camera into parts of the colon or rectum. 

You are provided with clear and thorough instructions on what to do. This may include:

  • Preparing the bowels by drinking a special cleansing product
  • Not eating or drinking for a time as specified by the doctor before taking the capsule
  • Swallowing the capsule (which is no bigger than a standard large pill)
  • Wearing a special recording device around your waist, which is synced to the camera within the capsule. 

Once swallowed, the capsule travels through your digestive system, sending images to the device. These images are automatically saved to be reviewed later. You should wear relaxed, loose clothes to ensure the recording tool fit comfortably.

The capsule pill does not need to be retrieved and is passed safely through a bowel movement. Plus, they are safe for household plumbing and are not harmful to the environment. 

One of our specialists will advise how long you should wear the device. You should not do any intense exercise or physical activities while wearing it. You can also resume eating, starting with a small snack, four hours after swallowing the pill. Return to one of our NY area locations as advised, so we can retrieve the recorder. Data from it will be viewed and analyzed, and the results will be shared with you at a subsequent appointment. As needed, further testing and follow-up may be necessary. 

Experience our innovative and advanced technologies and tools to screen for a range of gastrointestinal problems and conditions accurately. Call Triborough GI of Brooklyn at (718) 332-0600 with questions or to schedule an appointment. We also have three other offices in Bushwick – (718) 821-0643, the Bronx (718) 292-3822, and Staten Island – (718) 987-1700 for your convenience.

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